"En nuestra empresa no somos vendedores de servicios, únicamente aportamos soluciones a nuestros clientes"
Eduardo Andreu


EA CONSULTORES GROUP is a Spanish consulting company and consulting services for all kinds of national and international companies. Its multidisciplinary team consists of lawyers, economists, businessmen, highly qualified and experienced legal, economic and financial experts. In a clear presentation of the global economy, Consultores Group is developing its activities side by side and providing strategic solutions in foreign trade and personal services to internationalize Spanish companies in the Middle East markets through several companies as following:

- Recursos Marketing Y Ventas Trading Co. for import and export all kinds of food and industry, power supplies, steel, cement, ceramic, construction machinery, tools etc.

- Ocean Trading and Consulting Group for Food Trading Consultancy in Europe and Africa.

- West Africa for constraction and real estate investment Co. to build government and private projects.

- Sed Sad Oilfield Services Co. to supply oil and gas camps.

We specialize in international business consulting and manage all operations of establishing Spanish companies in foreign markets. We also understand the study and analysis of the target market, the identification of projects, the planning of the structuring of joint ventures, the creation of local partners, the drafting and negotiation of international contracts and laws and regulations among other things.

At the same time, we provide specific services to foreign companies and investors wishing to establish or develop their activities in Spain. We advise them about the different legal methods that a foreign company can adopt throughout the country, as well as the legal and tax obligations arising from its incorporation in Spain. At present, our customers are not only from the original region but also from Libya, Ireland, Great Britain, Jordan, Turkey, Morocco, Algeria and Ivory Coast.







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